HBCU Legends

Over the course of more than 150 years, Historically Black Colleges and Universities have produced thousands of individuals who have impacted their communities, the nation and the world.   Each week The Hundred-Seven will feature stories of HBCU alumni, staff and faculty members whose stories deserve to be told.  

Discover some #HBCUlegends

Pageant Winners

HBCU alum and students who have won pageants across the country. 

Professional Baseball Players

Learn about 8 HBCU alums who became standouts in Major League Baseball.

Children's Book Creators

For many years children's literature lacked a voice to truly reflect the lives and stories of African-Americans. HBCU alum have helped to fill that gap.

Academy Award Nominees

Since the first black person received a nod from the Academy, HBCU alum have been nominated in 11 categories.

Supreme Court Justices

The first black justice on the US Supreme Court was an HBCU alum. Did you know many others have served as justices on state Supreme Courts?

Hip Hop Hitmakers

For nearly three decades HBCUs have produced hitmakers in the hip hop industry.  

Women STEM Leaders

The women in Hidden Figures aren't the only HBCU alums in STEM whose stories need to be told.

Black Women Mayors

Black woman have committed themselves to improving their communities in various ways- including leading them. 


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