HBCUs that produce the most mathematicians

Careers in STEM are high-paying and many in number.  US News & World Report lists the jobs of statistician and mathematician as two of the best careers for 2017 with a median salary of $111,110 for a mathematician and $80,000 for a statistician.  Both average an unemployment rate of less than 1%.  Other jobs for math majors include  teacher, market research analyst, actuary as well as careers in information technology.  Check out the top ten HBCUs for graduating African-Americans with bachelor's degrees in math & statistics. 

Information compiled from Diverse Issues in Higher Education: Top 100 Degree Producers 2016

*Correction: previously, three schools were included on the list that were incorrectly ranked.  While Alabama A&M, Claflin and Tougaloo are in the Top 50 in the nation for producing African-Americans with degrees in Math & statistics, they are not in the Top 10 for HBCUs.  


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